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Youth Offers: 11s

[October 31, 2018] Here is the list of offers for 10s and 11s. We can still accept a couple more at the 11s age group. Please respond with your decision to play or decline to Please let me know if you have trouble opening the Excel document. We need your decision by Wednesday, November 7 at 9 PM.

team:11 Lizards (Regional)
 Rachel Green, Head Coach
players:Kiley BlakelyOffer Accepted!
 Railynn BowmanOffer Accepted!
 Taya EstesOffer Accepted!
 Allison FalkOffer Accepted!
 Josephine FreelOffer Accepted!
 Anna GreggOffer Accepted!
 Leah HileOffer Accepted!
 Cora AllenOffer Accepted!
 Mila MiscoOffer Accepted!
 Elise OlenickOffer Accepted!

For additional information

Please contact Bill Zehler (, 513-726-5937) if you have questions.