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Borderline 14 White "Ice" Win Silver at Regionals (5/16/09)

Borderline 14 White ICE capped their season with a Silver win at the Ohio Valley Region Inc. Kaepa®-USA 2009 Girls' Volleyball Championships. [tournament report]

15 Hawks Take 3rd Silver at 2009 Regionals

Kaepa Borderline 15 Hawks took third place in the 15 Regional Silver bracket at the Ohio Valley Region Inc. Kaepa®-USA 2009 Girls' Volleyball Championships. [larger photo]

18 Hawks Take 3rd Silver at 2009 Regionals

Kaepa Borderline 18 Hawks took third place in the 18 National Silver bracket at the Ohio Valley Region Inc. Kaepa®-USA 2009 Girls' Volleyball Championships. [larger photo]

12s Bring Home the Gold!

All 3 of our 12s' teams had a great weeekend at the Ohio Valley Region Inc. Kaepa®-USA 2009 Girls' Volleyball Championships. The 12 Twisters swept the field, going undefeated (6-0) in pool play and the playoffs to win Gold in the Plutonium Division. The girls from New Lebanon went 1-2 in pool play, but came back to win Gold in the Titanium division. The 12 Lizards went 2-1 in pool play to take second in their pool. They won their first match of the playoffs, but fell in the semifinals, taking the Bronze medals in Mercury.

The girls' hard work and determination paid off. All three teams played a difficult local tournament schedule. They faced many of the top teams in the Ohio Valley Region all season. All 3 teams were seeded much lower than they finished at the championships.

Great job!

Coach Williams' thoughts at the end of a season

At the age of 18 I received a phone call from my high school Athletic Director who asked me if I would be interested in coaching a jr. high wrestling team. That phone call changed my life. It was that simple question that made me pursue a career in teaching and start a 24 year long coaching career... [full article]

Borderline 14 Red Has Amazing Weekend! (4/18-19/09)

14 Red started off the weekend at Mississinawa Valley High School in Union City, Ohio. In pool play 14 Red soundly defeated RAC Attack and Club Pura Vida 14 – Orange in 2 sets... [tournament report]

Borderline 15 Hawks Earn 2nd Gold at Phillips (3/28/09)

Borderline 15 Hawks won 2nd place in the Gold bracket of Borderline's tournament at Phillips Hall on March 28. [tournament report]

Borderline 13 Red Storms Finished 2nd at the 13 Regional Challenge

The weekend of March 21-22 was the Sports Express 13 Regional Challenge Tournament for the Borderline 13 Red Storm. The first day of pool play, the girls remained undefeated. The second wave was a little more challenging, but the team finished 2-1. The team used their skills and determination to reach the gold championships... [tournament report]

Borderline 14 White Earn 1st Silver at Withrow (3/07/09)

Borderline 14 White "Ice" won 1st place in the Silver bracket of Borderline's tournament at Withrow Court on March 7. [tournament report]

Borderline 16 Red Wins at Withrow! (3/8/09)

On Sunday, March 8th, Borderline 16 Red was ready to exemplify their skill on the volleyball court as they arrived at Withrow... As the team progressed to tournament play, they faced a Borderline team: Borderline 16 White. Finishing with a win, Borderline Red proceeded to the championship match facing yet another Borderline team... [tournament report]

18 Hawks Reach 5th at the Hoosier Mideast Qualifier (3/6-8/09)

The 18 Hawks came into the 2009 Hoosier Mideast Qualifier as the #44 seed in the event. They were coming off two of the strongest events in the Midwest, fairing well at the OVR Winterfest, and then taking some lumps at the Presidents' Cup, playing without the services of some key athletes. Overall, the team did an outstanding job. We finished 5th in the tournament, and had the best finish of any team from the Ohio Valley Region in the 18 Club division. Our only losses were to teams that finished 4th (Hoosierland) and 2nd (Pinellas Heat) in the tournament. We were two victories away from a bid to the USA Volleyball Junior Nationals in Miami, FL. Great job, girls! [tournament report]

14 Red Wins Gold at the Kaepa Buckeye Tournament (2/21/09)

Borderline 14 Red started their season Saturday, February 21st, in Columbus. The team came out strong in pool play finishing 3-0, not dropping a set. When it was time for tournament play, the team was pumped up and ready to go... Congratulations 14 Red on a job well done! [tournament report]

13 White Wins Silver at Oxford (2/21/09)

13 White emerged as Silver Bracket champions in their opening tournament at Phillips Hall. The girls overcame a tough opening pool, losing to eventual tournament champion Grand Lakes and then narrowly to tournament runner up Northern Kentucky Juniors, to win their last three matches. Congratulations girls! [tournament report]

Jon Bennett

Borderline's Jon Bennett Coaching at Mount St. Joseph

Jon Bennett (15 Hawks) has officially been named the first men's volleyball coach at the College of Mount St. Joseph and the new women's coach. The Mount currently has 4 Borderline alumni on their roster. Congratulations to Jon, Kymn, and Alexis!

16 Black Storm Cruise to Bronze Championships

The 16 Black Storm entered the season at the Dayton Presidents' Cup with high expectations. Facing solid competition from New York, Michigan, and the always-solid OVR, in the end the Black Storm faced another top flight Borderline 16 White team in the Bronze Championships... [tournament report]

Allison Helm Signs with Hendrix College

Allison Helm

Congratulations to Allison Helm, who signed with the Hendrix College (Conway, Arkansas). Allison will join the Warriors for hte fall season.

Miami's Coach Jeff Getz to lead Borderline 18 Hawks

Miami University RedHawks' Assistant Coach Jeff Getz joins Borderline for our 2008-2009 season, during which he will lead the 18 Hawks. Coach Getz brings impressive credentials, including six Division 1 seasons at Evansville and one season at Morehead State. Prior to coaching, Getz was an outside hitter for four seasons with Lewis Volleyball, preparing them for their 2003 national championship, and was an all-state playe with Rosary High School. Read more about Coach Getz at the RedHawks Volleyball website.