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Ohio Valley Region Inc. Kaepa®-USA 2011 Girls' Volleyball Championships

Congratulations to all the Borderline teams who participated in this year's OVR Regionals.

17 Hawks Win Silver at OVR Championships (5/8/11)

The 17 Hawks went red hot in the playoffs at the OVR championships, not losing a set as they finished strong to take the Silver division. The 17 Hawks had a great year, finishing in the top 10 of one of the toughest regions in USA Volleyball. I can't say enough about how hard this team worked and came together with great chemistry. These players have really made what looks like my final year at Borderline special... [tournament report]

14 Hawks Are Having a Great Season (5/9/11)

The 14 Hawks have had a great season so far; however, we are not done yet. This team has come to every practice ready to work hard. They have never complained about anything. In fact, when we don<92>t have practice during the week, they are asking why not. This hard work has paid off in their tournaments. They have only had 1 tournament where they placed lower than 3rd... [tournament report]

17 Hawks Win the NKJV Aces Challenge (5/1/11)

The 17 Hawks continued playing solid volleyball, winning the NKJV Aces Challenge. Always a very solid tournament, because this is an open tournament there is a mix of National-, American-, and Club-level teams coming to town. We saw teams from West Virginia, Kentucky, and Tennessee, but in the end the top four teams were all from the Ohio Valley Region. So we knew we had a dog fight on our hands. But the Hawk players came through, making the adjustments we needed to win... [tournament report]

16 Blackout Go to Finals Two Weeks in a Row (4/10-17/11)

The 16 Blackout team has done nothing but improve all season. They are at the top of their game right now and are ready to take that into the OVR championships come May. 16 Blackout defeated teams in 2 sets to get to the finals. The first tournament was a 17s' tournament so the girls played teams who had a little more experience, but they came out defeating tough Kaepa Buckeye and other 17s' teams to get to the finals... [tournament report]

17 Hawks Finish 15th at the MEQ (4/10/11)

The 17 Hawks continued playing with the top teams in the country as they finished 15th in Indianapolis Mid East Qualifier. This is one of the biggest tournaments in club volleyball. There is no easy match, and each set is a dog fight. Any team that finishes in the medal rounds has done well. We are right there in our matches against some of the best competition we've seen all year... [tournament report]

17 Hawks Go to Finals at Bluegrass Pre-Qualifier (3/13/11)

The 17 Hawks rolled at the prestigious KIVA Bluegrass Pre-Qualifier. Anticipation and anxiety was high for all players as they walked into the Expo Center in Louisville and saw college recruiters from every major university from all over the country. Duke, Maryland, Ohio State, Clemson, Michigan State, West Point... I could go on and on. They were all there because the top-talent teams with in a 700-mile radius traveled for this tournament... [tournament report]

14 Red Victorious at Withrow (3/12/11)

Borderline 14 Red won an 11-team 15 Regional tournament on Saturday, March 12th, held at Miami University's Withrow Court. 14 Red finished first on their net in pool play after defeating a tough Cincy East VBC team in 3 sets to clinch the #2 seed overall heading into tournament play... [tournament report]

17 Hawks On a Roll (2/6/11)

The 17 Hawks are showing why they will be a team to be reckoned with in the OVR this year. Clearly improving with every tournament, they opened their season with a Bronze finish at Winter Fest in Columbus, followed by a Silver finish at Presidents' Cup. These are two high-profile tournaments with teams coming in from other states, including Michigan, New York, and Missouri, as well as the Ohio Valley... [tournament report]