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Youth Offers: 10s

[October 24, 2022] Here is the list of offers for 10s. Please let us know if you can't open the file. Alternates are listed in no certain order.
Please let us know ASAP if you are declining so we can ask someone from the alternate list.
The acceptance deadline is Wednesday, November 2.

team:10 Armadillos (U)
 Ruchelle Dunwoody, Head Coach
players:Lorelei CarterOffer Accepted!
 Eleni FrederickOffer Accepted!
 Sophia HowellOffer Accepted!
 Lainey Kirkland Offer Accepted!
 Madison ReeceOffer Accepted!
 Emily RooksOffer Accepted!
 Charley SnellgroveOffer Accepted!
 Kenzie TatumOffer Accepted!
 LeAna TorresOffer Accepted!
 Olivia WagersOffer Accepted!
 Reid WellerOffer Accepted!
 Jennette YantesOffer Accepted!
team:10 Tarantulas (U)
players:Charli DyeOffer pending
 Harlow Harper PPOffer pending
 Hannah LeFeversOffer Accepted!
 Eyla RiceOffer Accepted!
 Josie SheleyOffer Accepted!
 Emily SizemoreOffer pending
 Lyndsey StidhamOffer pending
 Allison StrotmanOffer pending
 Mya WallaceOffer pending

For additional information

Please contact Bill Zehler (, 513-726-5937) if you have questions.