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Youth Offers: 13s

[July 10, 2023] Here is the list of offers for 13s. Please let us know if you can't open the file. Alternates are listed in no certain order.
Please let us know ASAP if you are declining so we can ask someone from the alternate list.
The acceptance deadline is Wednesday, July 19.

team:13 Hawks (American)
 Ruchelle Dunwoody, Head Coach
players:SaNy BroylesOffer Accepted!
 Amelia KesslerOffer Accepted!
 Kelsey MaaytahOffer Accepted!
 Maelynn ReeceOffer Accepted!
 Kinley SmithOffer Accepted!
 Cecelia VerdonOffer Accepted!
 Rory WeberOffer Accepted!
 Bryson WeneOffer Accepted!
 Khylie WilliamsOffer Accepted!
 Abby WilsonOffer Accepted!
team:13 Attack (Regional)
players:Addison BrannOffer Accepted!
 Nora EngleOffer Accepted!
 Camryn HoodOffer Accepted!
 Kaidance HumbachOffer pending
 Ava LeugersOffer Accepted!
 Emma NapierOffer Accepted!
 Kenley NiemeyerOffer Accepted!
 Adalyn TatumOffer Accepted!

For additional information

Please contact Bill Zehler (, 513-726-5937) if you have questions.